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The Monsters Family, It's Not "JUST BUSINESS"

New book coming February 3rd from Monsters Dance Founder Andy Funk

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"Before Monsters, the industry was so diluted, and you didn't feel like you got value for your money. Monsters set the bar high, are the best in the business, and - most importantly - create pathways for dancers to make a career out of their passion." - Parris Goebel & Brett Goebel, Monsters' faculty and family

Having lost his older brother to leukemia at a young age, Any Funk pushing himself to the limits of human endurance, embracing the hustle of entrepreneurship. With his wife, he founded two successful businesses, one of which transformed the world of hip hop dance, forever - all while raising a family and navigating health crises. Keeping a laser focus on customer service has been key to his family's success.

"Becky and Andy instill confidence because they're genuine people who want others to succeed" - Paul Skalny, business mentor

Monsters' Family is part memoir, part aspirational, and completely inspirational. At once poignant, funny, personal, and completely relatable, it's the story of a man loving so deeply that strangers become friends and friends become family. For him, running Monsters of HipHop is anything but "just business."

The Monsters Family by Andrew Funk will be available February 3rd, 2020 on and on the official Monsters Dance Online Store.

dance, book, Andy Funk, Parris Goebel, dance book, business book, Monsters Dance, self-help book
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